Short Term Batch
NCHM-JEE (2020)

Tenure: 40 Days
After Board ( 12th Exams)

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Quick (Short term batch)
Fast approach to cover all 5 sections

1) A rapid action plan to cover all topics of numerical ability
2) Special approach to enhance score in english section.
3) All reasoning chapters covered through assignents and practice.
4) Special GK notes to match the need of Hotel management GK.
5) Service aptitude class and notes in detail.
6) 10 Mock Tests on NCHM-JEE ( pattern).
7) All study and Tests material of coacing will be provied.
8) Personal attention guaranteed to each and every student.
9) Couselling sesssin after exam to select collage. 

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Batch Starting on 

1) 25 March 2020

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12 March 2020 to avail
Early Registration Discount

Number of Seats in a Batch are 20